Stranger Things

Natalie Raab, Staff Writer

Whether you’ve seen the memes, Instagram or Twitter posts, or even rewatched both seasons several times, almost everyone has heard of Stranger Things. Set in the town of Hawkins during the 80’s the show has a whole other dimension and characters with supernatural abilities. As a Netflix original series, fans had to wait over a year until the next season came out and the same is expected for season 3. Stranger Things originally aired in July of 2016 gaining several fans and even more with Stranger Things 2. As an extension to the show Netflix had Beyond Stranger Things to interview the cast and directors. The host Jim Rash held seven episodes where he dove deeper into the show and behind the scenes. Viewers got more information on some of their favorite characters and the creative process that went into each episode.

This phenomenon has attracted many new fans in the past couple months but according to Sarah Capshaw, “the true fans were there from the very beginning.” From hating “Steve the jerk” to being in love with “Steve the mom”, going in and out of the Upside Down, and losing and finding Eleven, Sterling Hull has been attached to the show for every moment.

“The past year has a been a rollercoaster of emotions” Hull said. For Stranger Things 3 Hull suspects, “The shadow monster over the dance I definitely think it knew Eleven was in the building and I suspect it wants to hurt Mike since she loves him. In Season Three I definitely want to see Mike and Eleven together more since they didn’t come together until the second to last episode.” Another well liked character on this show is Dustin.

“I really like Dustin because he’s really funny and lightens the mood” said Maggie Grinnell.

Although Stranger Things has many fans there are some who do not care for the show. Bella Plummer and Grace Barnes are two who began to watch the show and soon lost interest. “It’s really confusing and I thought the story line was really hard to follow.” Barnes said. In answer to what she wished they had done differently with the show, Barnes responded,

“The first 4 episodes were really boring and I wish they had better interested viewers. I had to stop watching it was too boring.” Plummer also lost interest in the show saying, “I watched one episode and was too confused to keep watching.”