Old Sinks are Drained Away


Madeleine Andrews, Staff Writer

Students may have noticed that some of the bathrooms have new “push” faucets. This new style was installed in the cafeteria and C-Wing bathrooms during spring break, while contractors could work undisturbed by the school day. The installment came as a surprise to students, who have been using the standard faucet style for years.
Custodian, Michael Jackson said, “The new faucets were installed, because the old faucets were old and have been here since the building has been up. And, we need to conserve water, so we installed new faucets, that were more towards saving water. Instead of turning a faucet on, now you just push it in and you have a couple seconds, and then it just shuts off by itself.”
These new faucets have been receiving mixed reviews among the students at Western. Sophomore Faith Reid said, “I want the ones that just turn on like a normal sink. I have left the bathroom a couple times with them [push faucets] still running, and I just hope they turned off.” With a contrasting view, freshman Yvonne Batcheller said “I am a huge advocate for the new sinks. I like that even when my hands are messy from my favorite class ceramics, I can just tap them to wash my hands off, and at the same time not get the handles all messy.”
There aren’t any new changes coming to the bathrooms, however there is one new feature in the gym. A new water fountain and water bottle filler replaced two of the sinks built into the wall. This new feature is located on the far side of the gym for athletes and students to use.